• We were very excited to find a product that would keep our boat beautiful while preventing the growth & staining that naturally occurs when in salt water.

    The best part of the product is when we return from a day on the water we spray the salt off with the hose leaving no gritty surfaces.

    We highly recommend this product for boaters who want a great looking boat that is easy to maintain.
    Misty and Rick Tally
    2008 Regal Express Cruiser
  • I know there has been some debate as to whether or not it’s worth spending the money for ceramic coating so do your own due diligence to determine what’s best for you.

    However, for those on-the-fence, please see the photo of our R23 after getting it ceramic coated by Kevin at Premier Custom Ceramic Coating. I wish I had a ‘before’ picture that was taken in the same spot in the same weather conditions to show the difference but I don’t. Hopefully, you can see the deep color, the reflection and even the ‘mirror’ quality of the topside white. Also, there is a tactile difference as I run my hand across the surface. Slick as ‘__‘!

    In my limited experience, I know the ‘prep’ work makes or breaks the end result as well as the longevity of the protection. I am grateful that Kevin put so much time and work into correcting every little thing he found so the end result looks as stellar as it does!

    I want to give a HUGE thank you for spending so much time on our baby!
    Brian D.
    Marysville, Washington
  • Annie and I just picked up our boat from Kevin at Premier Custom Ceramic Coating. Our boat looks fantastic. Kevin, Carol & Jeff did a great job detailing the boat inside and out.

    If you are on the fence about ceramic coating, I would highly recommend doing it. We are out in the boat now and the water just runs off the boat’s surface.

    Thanks to them for great work!
    Perry and Annie
  • We purchased our 2006 Arima 22’ about 5 years ago. Although mechanically sound, its exposure to the elements over the years had greatly compromised its once gleaming surface. Numerous restoration efforts were made….sometimes expensive and laborious with varying degrees of dissatisfaction.

    Matters were beyond my capabilities as our boat was now heavily oxidized. Luckily, I was fortunate to encounter Kevin VanderHeyden of Premier Custom Ceramic Coating at the Seattle Boat Show.

    After the boat show, I researched both the ceramic coating process and Kevin’s expertise and also spoke with one of his previous customers. After much thought, I agreed to have our boat coated.

    After Kevin detailed and ceramic coated my boat, it was returned beyond its showroom luster! A ceramic coating perhaps….. However, I see it as a “Fountain of Youth” for marine gelcoat! I am now ready to battle the worst of what Puget Sound has to offer. Thank you, Kevin.
    Phil G.
    Vashon Island, Washington
  • After experiencing fading problems with a dark green action craft, I swore off owning a colored boat….until I found a 2009 red Ranger Tug. The boat had been sitting outdoors unused for a couple of years and had faded to almost ‘Barbie’ pink in exposed areas. A hard buffing and wax brought it back to looking ‘good’ but 6 months later it was starting to fade again. I then paid a pro to go over it but four months later there was visible fading again.

    This time I had Kevin VanderHeyden detail and ceramic coat my boat and it looks great, as in BRAND NEW! He guarantees his work against fading for 3 years and it is expected to last up to 5 years with their bi-annual ‘spray and wipe’ (Hydroserum) maintenance product.

    It was not cheap as the process is very labor intensive. He had my boat for 2 weeks at his shop taking off the old wax followed by wet sanding and extensive compounding. Kevin has a background in auto body work and his attention to detail was impressive. My 11 year old boat looks like it was just wheeled out of the 2009 Seattle Boat Show!
    Robert S.
    Port Orchard, Washington