Hydroserum 32oz

Hydroserum can be applied over ceramic coating as a maintenance coat. It revitalizes the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coating. If applied on a regular basis (every 6-12 months) it will prolong the life of the ceramic coating indefinitely.

Though not as durable as 9H, it can also be applied on its own. Hydroserum also enhances gloss depth on all surfaces for that ‘wet look that is nearly impossible to attain with waxes.

Hydroserum also makes the surface hydrophobic so things such as salt water, algae and fish blood will remain on top of the surface instead of being absorbed into the finish. It also helps prevent yellow and brown staining from water on the sides of your hull. This is accomplished given the size of the nano particles which penetrate and fill the pores in the gelcoat.

To achieve the best results, only apply to a clean surface and the product will provide 6-12 months of protection.

Hydroserum is great for windows and stainless steel because they are less porous and will last as long as ceramic coating on these surfaces.


To instantly create a glass-like protective barrier on all surfaces:

Apply using one of the following methods

  • Spray on wet or dry surface. Wipe off with microfiber cloth or
  • Spray on wet or dry surface and rinse with water then dry.