Together Kevin VanderHeyden and his wife, Carol have embarked on a journey to educate boat owners and provide hope to those who wish to spend less time maintaining their boat and more time on the water.

Kevin has discovered that there is a definite need for their products and services as more boat owners are becoming aware of a better way to protect their valuable investment. He has spent a great deal of time researching the market and is confident that he has found the very best products available.

The application of ceramic coating is most effective when professionally installed.  Since preparation is everything, Kevin’s perfectionist nature and the techniques he’s developed during 26 years in the auto body industry have served him well when installing ceramic coating.

One of the boats he has recently coated belongs to Rick and Misty Tally. It is a 2008 Regal Express Cruiser (black & white) and the results are absolutely AMAZING! It now shines brighter than new and looks FANTASIC!

From the Beginning......

A high achiever from an early age, Kevin began painting cars and doing bodywork in his yard as a teenager, at times under the scorching Minnesota sun. Surprisingly, some of the cars Kevin completed were for his teachers. Looking to the future, Kevin enrolled in vocational school to advance his interest in the auto body trade.

Through experience and hard work Kevin became proficient at his trade. A strong believer in positive thinking, Kevin rarely allows any work situation to get the best of him. As an accomplished technician, Kevin takes pride in ‘thinking outside the box’ to find a solution for difficult repairs.

A natural at sales, Kevin’s outgoing personality serves him well as he takes pleasure in speaking with others about a wide variety of topics especially ceramic coating. Developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything he does both professionally and personally. His true passion is getting others excited about what he is excited about.

An avid fisherman, Kevin and his wife have spent many hours fishing for salmon in beautiful locations on their Ranger Tug R23 named "My Way" which is ceramic coated, of course.

An area they found especially lovely is Tofino, British Columbia, Canada on the Pacific Ocean side of Vancouver Island. They have traveled from their home in Snohomish, Washington several times to enjoy the magnificent scenery of Vancouver Island and great salmon fishing.

Kevin is always eager to swap fishing stories with others and most likely will share his vast array of fishing and crabbing photos from his cell phone.

Always on the go, Kevin takes pleasure in projects that make things look new again whether it’s renewing a boat’s gelcoat, remodeling a rundown rental house or redecorating a RV with his wife, Carol and their (very spoiled) 8 lb Chihuahua-mix named Rudy. Kevin states its rewarding to see the finished product and the results of many hours of their labor.